New Cowboy Boots in Austin

New Cowboy Boots in Austin

New Cowboy Boots in Austin

While we were in Austin, Texas, we went into Allen’s boots, just to look, gawk, take some photos and enjoy the amazing smell. Well, it turns out that’s dangerous, folks. I walked out with the black pair of cowboy boots above. I put them on and they were so comfortable – made by Lucchese–and they reminded me of what I wore all through college. It was like I was back home in my own skin again at long last. I’m loving them and haven’t had such a treat in a long time!

Below check out the crazy, expensive ones I didn’t even try on… The guy in the store says they sell an average of 400 pair a day!

IMG_8435  IMG_8387  IMG_8365  IMG_8368  IMG_8371  IMG_8372  IMG_8367  IMG_8373  IMG_8374  IMG_8369  IMG_8375  IMG_8377  IMG_8370  IMG_8378  IMG_8379  IMG_8385 IMG_8393

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  1. Christine 6 years ago

    Oh yes, I love them too!

  2. Mary Jo Beebe 6 years ago

    Your new boots are beautiful! Serendipity for you to find them when you weren’t really looking for them!

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