Sgraffito Pottery Commissions Delivered

Sgraffito Pottery Commissions Delivered

Sgraffito Pottery by Polly Castor (Commissions)

Here are the commissioned sgraffito pottery plates I have just completed and delivered to blog readers like you. Another round is in the kilns this next couple of weeks. I hope they come out well too! (Working on these is tricky; two pieces currently in the kiln had to be remade because the kiln spews glop occasionally. And each plate is fired twice so the danger is doubled.) Anyway, these all came out unscathed, for which I am grateful. And they all have been well received by their new owners for which I am doubly grateful!

These carved (sgraffito) plates are not inexpensive, since a lot of time is involved. Additionally, I pay for pottery studio time, and don’t fire them myself. But they are one of a kind and we can customize them. Those that commission plates suggest loosely what they have in mind. For example, above “large circular blue and white,” or below, “rectangular plates with organic shapes with some teal” or “rectangular plates with light blue and white.”A wide range of colors are possible. I attempt to discern what will make the purchaser happy, while still retaining the creative license that makes doing this fun and genuine for me.

If you want some, let me know, and we’ll work it out, although be warned that the trajectory from request to receipt can seem arduously slow, since these go through many steps before completion. Order soon and depending on volume and the waiting list, you would have them by late summer or definitely next Christmas!

These ceramic plates are tough, durable stoneware– nothing delicate here. They are made for hard, everyday use, and some imperfections are to be expected, as with any handmade item. They are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

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  1. Anita 6 years ago

    Beautiful! You are so talented!

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