First Snow of the Season (Photos)

First Snow of the Season (Photos)

First Snow of the Season (Photos)

We had a lovely first snow of the season last weekend, with reports of snow as far south as Atlanta and Houston. We only got about six inches ourselves, which is enough to be lovely, without being a problem. 

The photos here start below on Saturday as the snow was falling, and then by the third photo, it is Sunday and I’m taking my usual walk along Main Street in Ridgefield before church (see my summer blog post of that walk here). As a special treat last Sunday morning, I met the woman who has lived in the gorgeous home above for 30 years, and she unexpectedly gave me a tour of her home! That was delightful. And the last photo below brings me back to our own modest, but cosy nest.

I love how the snow lands on the tree limbs, defining them singularly by contrast. I also love how blue the shadows on the snow can look in some angles of light. And I love the shapes of the snow on grillwork, twigs, and rock walls…

IMG_6134  IMG_6137  IMG_4200  IMG_4202  IMG_E6154  IMG_4207  IMG_4213  IMG_4216  IMG_4223  IMG_4233  IMG_4254  IMG_4227  IMG_4235  IMG_4243  IMG_4205  IMG_4203  IMG_4255  IMG_4240  IMG_4210  IMG_4252  IMG_4237  IMG_4266  IMG_4251  IMG_4260  IMG_4232  IMG_4250  IMG_6153  IMG_6168

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