People at Creative Arts Camp 2017

People at Creative Arts Camp 2017

People at Creative Arts Camp 2017

Here are photos of the people at Creative Arts Camp this year. I love each and every one of them! The whole occasion is simply a massive love fest. (Sorry I did not get a shot of everyone!) These people are the reason I come each and every year… They came to Maine from as far as Germany and Tokyo, and many from the west coast. It was so great to be together, I have already signed up again for next year.

IMG_1908  IMG_1898  IMG_1921  IMG_1669  IMG_1680  IMG_2047 IMG_1691  IMG_1895  IMG_1920  IMG_1693  IMG_1995  IMG_1914  IMG_1994  IMG_2216 (1)  IMG_2162  IMG_2111 - Version 2  IMG_2203 IMG_1760  IMG_1930  IMG_1887  IMG_1747 IMG_2240  IMG_2172  IMG_2120  IMG_2109  IMG_2115  IMG_2217  IMG_2140  IMG_2139  IMG_1880
IMG_1861  IMG_3287 IMG_1830  IMG_1827  IMG_2027 IMG_1734  IMG_1649 IMG_2055  IMG_1652  IMG_1626  FullSizeRender 5  FullSizeRender 4  FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender 3  FullSizeRender 2  IMG_3255 IMG_1624  IMG_1648  IMG_1615  IMG_1629  IMG_2132  IMG_2112  IMG_2124  IMG_2131  IMG_2114  IMG_2250  IMG_2146  IMG_2195 IMG_1630  IMG_1599  IMG_2012 IMG_1600  IMG_1753  IMG_1885  IMG_1605  IMG_1607  IMG_1697  IMG_1717  IMG_1755

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  1. Karen 7 years ago

    Wonderful to see these radiant faces again. Thank you, Polly!


  1. […] Here are my photos of Creative Arts Camp and of other’s art there (with the first photo below of my paintings). Also check out yesterday’s post of my photos of people at camp…. […]

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