Featured Artist: Siri Beckman

Featured Artist: Siri Beckman

Featured artist Siri Beckman

I have long admired the amazing printmaking done by Siri Beckman. Her prints have fascinated me every time I have seen them on my trips to Maine.

As one who occasionally does linocuts as part of my mono printing process, I appreciate the detailed expertise that goes into her exceptional works. As I start to do more and more carving work in clay (sgraffito) I have been thinking of her work again, and thought to feature it here. Her textures, compositions, and love of National Parks are all things I deeply resonate with and can easily relate to.

Siri’s work is done carving and etching in wood, something I have never done before. Check out her work in this post and on her website. Wonderful, right?

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I work to amplify good wherever I find it. I love color, texture, beauty, great ideas, nature, metaphor, deliciousness, genuine spirituality, and exploring new territory. I encourage authenticity, nurture creativity, champion sustainability, promote peace, and hope to foster a new renaissance where we all are free to be our most fulfilled, multifaceted, and terrific selves. Read more here.


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