Update on this Year’s Reading Challenge

Update on this Year’s Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge Update

Well, I spent the day at the Newtown Library Book Sale, and in the photos you can see some of what I bought. It made me think this would be a good time to update you (it is already midyear!) on how I’m doing on my Reading Challenge for 2016. I am behind and better get busy, even though I’m midway through lots of things right now. If I end up reading more than 52 books this year, some of these titles might get swapped out for better ones. Here is what I have finished so far:

52 Week Reading Challenge for 2016

A book of fiction you own but have not read before
A nonfiction book you own but have not read before Big Magic
A serious book Gilead
A light book
A short book Dept. of Speculation
A long book
A book set in Paris
A book set in London
A book set in New York City
A book set in the Middle East
A book set in Asia
A book set in South America
A book set in Africa Circling the Sun
A book about travel
A business book Getting Things Done
A motivational book
An inspirational book Abundance: The World is Better Than You Think
A book on spirituality
An organizing/decluttering book Sink Reflections
A book about changing habits
A book about an artist Forest Lover (about Emily Carr)
A how-to book
A book where you learn something new
A book that made you think differently
A book about your hobby
A coffee table book
A cookbook The Homemade Kitchen, Crossroads
A holiday book
A memoir Delancey
A mystery
A book of poetry
A book of essays
A book recommended by a friend
A book about an animal H is for Hawk
A book with a strong female heroine Euphoria
A book with a male protagonist The Little Paris Bookshop
A book in which none of the 10 commandments is broken Pray Like a Gourmet
A book in which a world religion places a key part
A book by an author you have never read before Reader’s of Broken Wheel Recommend
A book by an author you love
A book at the bottom of your “to be read pile”
A book you’ve always wanted to read
A book you started but never finished
A YA (young adult) book
A new children’s picture book
A novel printed in 2016 First Star I See Tonight
A non-fiction book printed in 2016
A book based on a true story
A book borrowed from the library Artist, Inc
A book you got from an independent bookstore
A book of historical fiction Under the Wide and Starry Sky
A book about falling in love The Orchid Affair

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