Lots of Other NYC Photos

Lots of Other NYC Photos

New York City Photography

Here are lots of other photos from my recent visit to New York City to be with my friend from college (shown first below). I had a great time catching up with her, but it was good to be back in the city again too. It had been too long since I had seen this friend, but also too long since I’d taken this short trip into the city.

I stayed in the penthouse of another friend while I was there (thanks Anne!) and you can see above the view from her terrace. Another special treat was a trip to New York Central Art Supply which is a small but fabulous shop in the east village between 10th and 11th Street on 3rd Avenue that has been been in business in that location for 115 years. I was pleased to be able to score there some jumbo pastels which have been discontinued, as well as some handmade metallic pastels. It was certainly sad to learn that my previously favorite NYC art store –Pearl Paint on Canal Street– is no longer. I never even knew they went out of business.

Also fun was seeing a movie being filmed in Grand Central while I was headed home. You can see I was up close to Emily Blunt filming the upcoming film Girl on the Train. (Note that I did not care for the novel on which this is based, which is about an alcoholic and an adulterer). I was so close while buying a ticket at the ticket booth that there is a slim possibility that I ended up being an inadvertent extra in the movie.

IMG_6487 IMG_6717    IMG_6514  IMG_6403  IMG_6486  IMG_6703  IMG_6631   IMG_6723  IMG_6445  IMG_6512  IMG_6388  IMG_6488  IMG_6439  IMG_6397  IMG_6489  IMG_6579  IMG_6659  IMG_6545  IMG_6438  IMG_6396  IMG_6371  IMG_6399  IMG_6380  IMG_6362  IMG_6385  IMG_6368  IMG_6494  IMG_6578  IMG_6635    IMG_6541 IMG_6366   IMG_6648  IMG_6644    IMG_6400      IMG_6393  IMG_6432  IMG_6376 IMG_6662      IMG_6627  IMG_6673      IMG_6647  IMG_6584  IMG_6585  IMG_6740  IMG_6736 IMG_6737

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