Bits and Clips for July and August 2015

Bits and Clips for July and August 2015

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This is usually a monthly feature but I was remote for most of the summer, so I’m putting in this one post the articles, podcasts, videos, and ideas I enjoyed from the internet from over the summer. I hope you find something enlightening, enjoyable, inspirational. Click on a blue link below and enjoy!


Painting Demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Plein Air Painters Vacation Together


Finding Our Savior

What You Think Counts

Looking for Your Soulmate?

Podcast: An Ankle Healed After a Bad Fall

Short Video: Flood-Tides of Love (love this!)

How to Work Together

Short Podcast: The Master Recipe

Meet the Man Who is in Charge of Leading 85 Million Christians

Clearing the Atmosphere

Keith S. Collins’ Blog


Why Young Kids Need Less Class Time and More Play Time at School

Open Media Yale Courses

Want a Cheap iPhone 6? Buy in September

Donald Trump is Not Funny

The Conversation I Almost Missed and the Future it Could’ve Cost

Instagram to Start Having Ads

The New Child Abuse Panic

First Two Women Pass Ranger School – Army Faces Big Questions

Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Life Partner

Scientists Tried to Replicate 100 Psychology Experiments and 64% Failed

Why More Urban Parents are Choosing Homeschooling


Books to Read with My Nine Year Old

Why a Duke Freshman Refused to Read His Assigned Summer Reading

Writer Elizabeth Gilbert Shares Her Secret to Success

Self Help Books Get Naked

How to Raise an Adult


Video: Six Year Old’s Advice on Life and Overcoming Fear


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Fish Farming but Were Afraid to Ask

Are the Midwest’s Cornfields Worse for the Planet than We Thought?

High Fructose Corn Syrup Has Been Remamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener

Hungarians Just Destroyed All Monsanto Cornfields


Poem: The Sounds of Soul

And Hope:

How a Teacher Talked Down a Would-be School Shooter

A Little Known 9-11 Story

How an Inspiring Group of Women Built one of Portland’s Greenest Buildings

A Universal Answer to Religious Violence

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