Amazing Rainbow in Jasper

Amazing Rainbow in Jasper

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We saw this amazing this amazing rainbow in Jasper, arguably either a double or a quad, because the lower one had repeating rainbows in it, which I had never seen before. I have now learned that this can supposedly happen up to seven repeating rainbows within any one rainbow.

Oddly since my catharsis on Emerald Lake, and the subsequent sunshine the next day, I saw a rainbow everyday for a week. This was the first one and the most incredible, although some other large and tall ones we drove through which was totally cool, but they were so enormous so as to be impossible to photograph in their complete arch (or double arches). This all felt quite part of God’s promise to me, since in the Bible God reassures Noah after his rain problems with a rainbow as well.

The train and telephone poles were not ideal for photographing this one, but we were entering the town of Jasper when it graced us with its presence.


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  1. Jobina 9 years ago

    Thank you Polly – what a beautiful reminder of God’s promise to us!

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