Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Crystal cave photos

We enjoyed a tour of Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park. It is different than the caves we have back east since this one is carved out of marble. There was a steep hike to the cave entrance that highlighted the water that carved the cave.

No flash photography was allowed, both to enhance visitor’s night vision and not to disturb the bats, so these photos are the best I could do with my ISO wide open. That is why they are a bit grainy.

We were told that there are species in this cave that exist no where else on earth. The cave formations you are looking at here took 500 years per inch to be created, which is amazing to consider, since some were ten feet high. There were several large rooms– impossible to photograph –that took many millions of years to carve out with a lot more water than we have now.


























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  1. Deborah 9 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I love seeing caves. Your camera did a great job….the lighting or lack thereof, just adds to the atmosphere and a flash would not have been so authentic. Thanks again!

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