Recent Food Around Here

Recent Food Around Here

Polly Castor recipes

Here is what we’ve been eating lately. Gone for a while are the days of beautiful food photography in natural light out at the picnic table, but the food is just as good. Above you can see a shot of our garden produce ready to be roasted, and in the first photo below you can see it as it comes out of the oven. This medley has been a seasonal staple, especially in delicious omelets…

Also you can see these blog recipes represented:

You might enjoy these recipes this Thanksgiving season!

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-untitled-  49732

-untitled-  49297

-untitled-  49761

-untitled-  49763

-untitled-  47965

-untitled-  49228

-untitled-  49233

-untitled-  49299

-untitled-  49189

-untitled-  49103

-untitled-  49059

-untitled-  48397

-untitled-  48404

-untitled-  48402

-untitled-  49838

-untitled-  48587

-untitled-  48422

-untitled-  48415


-untitled-  48457


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-untitled-  47962

-untitled-  47958

-untitled-  47946

-untitled-  47986

-untitled-  47955

-untitled-  48410

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