Run with Your Strengths

Run with Your Strengths

Overcoming Autism

I was so glad to see the video clip below of the mom of an autistic child who didn’t accept his terrible prognosis and trusted her own instincts for what was best for him over the experts who told her otherwise. The experts wanted her to focus on what he struggled with, but instead she took the tiny spark of what he could do and expanded it. For a child they thought would never speak, he is blossoming beautifully– predicted for a future Nobel Prize, in fact.

As a homeschooling mom I have always counseled, “Run with your strengths, and manage your weaknesses.” It is a successful approach every time, and I’m so happy that was proved once again in her experience.

As a Christian Science Practitioner, I tell people to make an exhaustive list of God’s qualities and attributes. Then I ask them to look at it carefully and often, because that is a blueprint for who they actually are. Each one of us has every single one of those qualities and attributes, but our individuality comes out in the infinite variety of emphasis possible in that expression.

A lot of people see words on the list that are a total reach for them, and they expect me to tell them to work on those things. And, yes, while that can be a good idea, I caution them to focus instead on what comes naturally. When we really own all the good we manifest easily, it then becomes less challenging to make incremental improvements on the areas that need more work.

The goal is to demonstrate your completeness as God’s image and likeness. But start with what you are already doing well and build from there. I am not surprised by the experience of the woman in the video one bit; it further confirms my own experience. I too, over many years, have taken this approach with extremely diverse people, all to a wonderfully beneficial effect.

In this human experience, there will always be things to work on. In the meantime, I think we were created to let our light shine!

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