Our Youngest Turns 17

Our Youngest Turns 17

shapeimage_7 Well, we had a snow day on our youngest daughter’s birthday, so although wishing she could go to robotics (see Monday’s post) she had a nice birthday. You can see a photo of the snow on our picnic table below; that is now followed by rain and then supposedly we are due another six or seven inches of snow after that tonight. Things are already cancelled for tomorrow. I think the best photos of the day are the first and last ones below, when Laura was on her way in from a walk in the snow this morning. (In tribute to her robotic’s enthusiasms you can note that she’s still wearing her side shields which turn her glasses into safety glasses…)

She loved her best present from us which was the colored ink that she wanted. Her other true gift from us was the Pheromone book; she had asked for some insect photography. The rest of the books we gave her smack of homeschooling– things she has expressed interest in– and I hope someday soon she finds the needed time to delve into these topics. I made her the red pepper and zucchini frittata she likes for lunch and the Tuna Casserole with Coconut Milk that she asked for at dinnertime. In between, we painted together; you can see her first two paintings with the ink below. I am grateful for such a lovely stretch of companionable time with her. She decorated her big cookie above stunningly and it is much prettier in person, as the layers of frosting are almost luminous. The smaller cookies today were frosted by my husband while we painted. We topped off the day with two episodes all together of a nature program she likes…   31266   31272   31360   31273   31362   31363   31366   31231   31235   31234   31254   31227   31233 IMG_3097 IMG_3099   31261   31337  31265

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