A Jam Packed Van

A Jam Packed Van


Yesterday we packed this van to the gills, which seems like an apt phrase because when we got the side doors of the van squeezed closed (after multiple tries) we opened the windows and stuffed things in up to the ceiling through the sides.  This van included fifteen boxes of books (like below) and some furniture.

This morning we got up at 5:30 and drove to Syracuse to be in time for an afternoon of apartment hunting. (It was very tight driving: no leg room and her orchid on her lap!) We saw nine apartments before my daughter chose to cancel the rest of her appointments and sign a lease on a clean, nice two bedroom apartment with another girl in her same program.  It is a relief to have this settled, as the good places were going fast.

We then put this crammed van load in a 5 x 15 storage space, and saw again what a miracle it was that it had all fit in the van.   Both my prayer abilities and engineering skills came in handy on this caper!  My daughter’s Facebook status? “My Mama ain’t no wuss!”





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