Our Pines Bring Down Lines in Hurricane Sandy

Our Pines Bring Down Lines in Hurricane Sandy

hurricane Sandy damages

We had three huge pines on the front corner of our property, planted in the early 40’s. One of them we were a little worried about, since it was in the worst shape.  The other two came down last night about 7:00 pm during hurricane Sandy, missing our neighbor’s house by 18”.  They were sitting in the room with the window above when the tree fell! 

One tree was uprooted, and the adjacent (middle) tree snapped off about ten feet up. Falling over the power lines, it in turn, broke the nearby utility pole off at the base, which fell barely missing another neighbor’s car.  These trees have given our property some privacy and shielded us a bit both from road and the nearby fire station, and it feels like the end of an era to have them gone!

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