Book Review: Age of Miracles

Book Review: Age of Miracles

Age of Miracles Book

This novel had a very unique premise: the earth’s rotation begins gradually to slow down.  For some reason, each day is longer than the one before it by many minutes.  The havoc this creates is imagined in detail, very realistically portrayed, and all convincingly written from an eleven year old’s perspective.  This book not only describes her own coming of age story, but the Earth’s as well.

I don’t read much dystopian literature but I enjoyed reading this.   It was a short and engrossing read. It highlights the fact that we can never prepare for all the possible changes that may come our way.  The things we take for granted, like clockwork sunrise and sunset, could change.  And even though we think we can control everything in our “age of miracles,” bigger things could be going on beyond what we can see or acknowledge that might radically reshape our lives.

Reading this four star book will make you grateful all over again for basic provisions as fundamental as the length of our days.  It will underscore the delicate balance that is our earth, and the need to appreciate its simple pleasures.

The Age of Miracles Book

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