Voting with your Food Dollars

Voting with your Food Dollars

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Today I studied the chart below which is actually old news, put out in 2009 (I’m wondering what 2012 looks like…!??)  You can click here for a bigger version of this chart to study it yourself.  You may think you are supporting smaller, whole foods corporations, but as soon as they are viable they are snapped up by Industrial Agriculture firms which do not have the same priorities and ideologies as the initial companies.  These larger firms – many owned by Monsanto (the chief proponent of GMO’s) – together basically own the FDA and are operating unchecked.  I encourage you to:

  • Buy local when possible
  • Buy organic when possible
  • Grow your own food when possible
  • Patronize Farmer’s Markets when possible
  • Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) near you this year & every year
  1. Click here to find a Farmer’s Market or CSA near you
  2. I have followed the food movement closely for over 30 years and my above advice is getting more and more important to take very seriously. 
  3. Note: Nature’s Path and Organic Valley are two firms which have so far been able to resist acquisition in favor of maintaining their standards and ideals. (See article here…)

vote with your dollar

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