Bananagrams a Year Later

Bananagrams a Year Later

playing bananagrams

You know a gift was a hit if you are still playing with it a year later! 

Our words have gotten better…

shapeimage_9 IMG_3239 IMG_3440 IMG_3477 IMG_3464 _MG_1712 IMG_3448 IMG_3510 IMG_3479 IMG_3463 IMG_3438 IMG_3457 IMG_3469 IMG_3459 IMG_3435 _MG_1520 IMG_3237 IMG_3470 _MG_1711 IMG_3501 IMG_3254 shapeimage_10IMG_1914 IMG_3241 IMG_1698 IMG_2836 IMG_2830 _MG_1364 IMG_2242 _MG_6618 _MG_0323 IMG_1899 IMG_3174 _MG_9151 IMG_2504 IMG_2867 IMG_1995 IMG_2537 IMG_2462 IMG_2335 IMG_2790 IMG_2795 IMG_2514 IMG_3176 IMG_3242 IMG_2688 IMG_2826 IMG_2918 _MG_6452 IMG_3235 IMG_2838 _MG_0325

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