American Indian Beadwork

American Indian Beadwork

American Indian Beadwork

We entered Grand Tetons National Park in the rain so chose to explore the Indian Museum at Colter Bay. My daughter was very interested in the beadwork, and I took some photos to share with you here. It is amusing to note the thimbles used for decoration on a hatchet, and don’t miss the grizzly claw necklace!

On the lower level of the museum were two Native Americans from the local Shoshone tribe selling their beadwork. We examined their work closely and had a great chat with them on how they did this detailed work. They were happy to discuss their methods with my daughter, who is already accomplished on a bead loom. The husband reminded us that Sacajawea was from the Shoshone tribe and was proud to report that his cousin was the model for the recent coin of her. Above was our favorite piece: a checkbook case costing seven hundred dollars! We had a wonderful time and left inspired with ideas for new projects to try.

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