Please Pray About Syria

Please Pray About Syria


Call me a peacenik, but I believe bombing is not a solution.  And when the best minds and strategists can’t figure out a solution, why will bombs help?    I’m glad we haven’t bombed yet. I hope we don’t. There is not an obvious, good, governmental move that is going take out Assad, the Al Nursa front, nor the chemical weapons. 

I have to ask myself, would another country getting involved in our own Civil War have helped? We had enough of a disaster on our hands, but intervention could easily have made it worse.

Meanwhile, this impasse needs prayer and lots of it. With God, there is always a solution.  I hope together we can see what it will be.  The Berlin Wall peaceably came down when we collectively no longer accepted it.

Here are some current links about Syria that might help get you thinking:

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My Prayers for Syria

Please join me in praying about Syria.

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