Movie Review: Dead Poet’s Society

Movie Review: Dead Poet’s Society

Dead Poet Society

I really enjoyed this five star movie. For those, like me, interested in both education and poetry, it is particularly engaging. For out-of-the-box thinkers like myself who regularly try to “seize the day,” it is thought provoking, but even more so, I imagine, for those that secretly might want to, but were never encouraged in that direction.

In this 1989 film, Robin Williams plays an English teacher in an elite boy’s prep school. His teaching style is unconventional. He rebukes conformity in favor of the option of thinking for oneself. The contrast in the response to this on behalf of the students and the adults is sobering. Are we so content with conformity that we want to pass that legacy along? As a homeschooler embracing a learner-led curriculum, I scream no!

If you haven’t seen this film, I encourage you to do so, and join me joining them, standing on the desk.



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