Today’s Homeschool Science Fair

Today’s Homeschool Science Fair

The Water Crisis, Homeschool Science Fair

Today’s Homeschool Science Fair was a resounding success. Above, and the top eight photos below are of my daughter’s project. She distilled a huge amount of information! To read more details about the water crisis, read yesterday’s post by clicking here.

Below those are photos of some other projects, but no where near all of them. It was hard to photograph them without people in front of them. We had participants from from pre-school through high school. The diversity of topics is always fascinating to me. They all did a great job!

The bottom photo brought tears to my eyes as a mother with an adopted Asian child carefully explained my daughter’s board, pointing out China to her daughter and discussing with her the water conditions of where she had come from.

 IMG_2971 IMG_2964 IMG_2960 IMG_2961 IMG_2963 IMG_2975 IMG_2969 IMG_2978 IMG_3001 IMG_3002 IMG_3003 IMG_3007 IMG_3006 IMG_3010IMG_3032 IMG_3066 IMG_3091 IMG_3096 IMG_3107 IMG_3106 IMG_3113 IMG_3085 IMG_3122 IMG_3038


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