So Today was my Birthday

So Today was my Birthday


So today was my birthday. There was no fanfare, no surprise parties on yachts encircling Manhattan, no two-seater, bright orange Porsche convertible sitting in the driveway with a big bow on it, no dazzling diamonds, nor all expense paid tickets to Switzerland or New Zealand. Which of these things would I have preferred? Definitely the travel, of course…

But since we are pinching our pennies, our taste buds traveled instead. For breakfast, my husband made me one of my favorite things he makes: a gougere (see above). It is French (he majored in French in college) and he uses Julia Child’s recipe. It is heavenly, kind of cross between a popover and those twisted gourmet cheese straws, which are both wonderful in their own right, but this is way better! Then at lunchtime we jumped whole continents when he took me out to a Mexican restaurant (see here) so I could get my guacamole fix; it was made fresh at the table-side. After a light dinner came frosted gingerbread cookies the way my mother used to make them and I was home again from my world travel. So you can see I was quite gastronomically indulged.

As far as gifts, both my sisters were generous as usual. You can see their gifts before and after opening below. One gave me two more dishes for my collection of Fiesta-ware, and the other, two shirts from Coldwater Creek. My husband says he ordered “something he knows I want” but we’ll all have to wait to find out what that is, since it’s not here yet. (When it does arrive I’ll add it in here for those that are curious.)

After reading sweet birthday wishes on Facebook, I capped off my evening with the last installment of a new version of Jane Austin’s Emma, on Masterpiece Theater. It is the best version I’ve seen yet. The actress that plays Emma is much more likable than any other of the many that I’ve seen in that role. (Check it out here.)

Well, I’ve been around the sun one more time, so I guess I get in some real traveling after all. I look forward to at least as many more of these solar orbits as I’ve had already! And I’m remembering that there will be a day when I look back on this current age and think how young I was then. I do feel young – just getting started really– and only beginning to get it together. I’m so glad you’re along for the ride!

a slice of gougere guacamole Birthday gingerbread cookies My birthday presents-before My birthday presents-after


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