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  • The beauty of poison ivy, poem by Polly Castor, poison ivy photos

    New Poem: The Beauty of Poison Ivy

    By on October 25, 2015

    Why does this stuff exist? It is such an irritant.

  • unplug it poem

    New Poem: Unplug it

    By on October 4, 2015

    Unplug, unplug, unplug that devious, subtle, concealed, and sometime overheated projector of lies.

  • Poem 2+2=4, Poem Two Plus Two Equals Four, Polly Castor Poetry

    New Poem: 2+2=4

    By on September 9, 2015

    Consider two plus two equals four In the farthest reaches of the universe In every language, for every race and species For...

  • Haiku about Canada

    Haiku Across Canada

    By on August 21, 2015

    I wrote these haiku while driving across Canada:

  • sacramental moment

    Short New Poem: Sacramental Moment

    By on July 27, 2015

    I am brimming with awe and gratitude for reciprocal connection experienced and realized this communion Sunday.

  • New Poem: At My Niece’s Graduation Party

    By on June 22, 2015

    This is a poem about my niece's graduation party, the joy of chasing fireflies, and the fleeting transitions of...

  • new leaf poem, Polly Castor poetry, spring leaf photos

    New Poem: Turning Over a New Leaf (with Photos)

    By on May 2, 2015

    Catkins emerge so tenderly with such a meek beginning as a foreshadowed precursor in vibrancy and joy...

  • Ladybug poem

    New Poem: Ladybug Convention

    By on April 13, 2015

    Some say ladybugs represent luck, while others say they typify spiritual devotion, and are a signal to follow your bliss and...

  • Polly Castor poetry, Christian Poetry, Discipleship poem

    New Poem: Discipleship Can Be Messy

    By on April 2, 2015

    Discipleship is a good thing: something to seek and make an effort for like food and shelter.

  • Let Your light so shine poem, Polly Castor poetry

    New Poem: Let Your Light So Shine

    By on March 15, 2015

    We are lamps shining away the darkness of the world.

  • body of thought

    New Poem: Your Thought as a Car with a Hitch

    By on March 6, 2015

    What makes up your body of thought? They say the average person has 70,000 thoughts a day which is 2,916 per...

  • New Poem: Sabbath Snow Day

    By on February 22, 2015

    More sabbath snow yet again canceling church once more so our most recent amaryllis is only able to flaunt its glory...