Other Photos from Graduation Weekend

Other Photos from Graduation Weekend

Here are the rest of my photos from a wonderful graduation weekend in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, at Lehigh University for our daughter’s PhD graduation.

We arrived on Friday and picked up our older daughter from the airport. Then we were greeted with homemade strawberry/rhubarb macrons that our younger daughter had made. Then we toured the campus, meeting some fellow physics grad students, seeing the Physics Building, the library, and the tower, before going to a reception where we met some of our daughter’s mentors. After that we went out for a nice dinner.

The three of us out-of-towners stayed in a cute airbnb that was a one room cottage made of stone, originally a pig barn, back behind the pool of a larger old stone house. It was a fun little place and our older daughter slept in the loft, climbing the ladder each night.

Saturday morning was the graduation (see here) followed by a lovely lunch our daughter made. After hanging out for the afternoon in her apartment, we walked to another nice dinner, followed by a fire in the outdoor fire pit at our airbnb.

On Sunday, we went out for breakfast before a walk on our daughter’s rail trail, then returned respectively by plane or car.

Pardon so many selfies of us here; we do so enjoy being together, and it is a rare event for us given that we live on opposite coasts.

I’m so grateful for such a lovely time!








where she taught


what was her office (she’d already moved out)


some of her cohort (notice the math on the blackboard)


Where the bound copy of her dissertation will live


The Physics building








one of my finer moments





Our adorable airbnb



view from the tower


with the President of the University


with a mentor (Allie)


With a mentor (Kathleen)


We brought these three mentors homegrown/homemade raspberry jam




very festive for us to order “mocktales” hers: blackberry mint, mine: cherry ginger







what our daughter made for us after graduation


watching graduation videos









fireside for the evening




walking the D & L rail trail across the river from Bethlehem steel


blossoms dropping on algae


turtles galore


Such a wonderful weekend
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  1. Wendy McAuley 4 weeks ago

    A huge Congratulations to your daughter and your whole family for supporting her!!!

  2. Dilys 3 weeks ago

    Your joy is palpable! Truly an experience to be treasured forever.
    All the photos are wonderful but I particularly loved the one of your elder daughter leaning her head on her hand, she has a far off expression on her face. Awesome! X


  1. […] too that our older daughter came from California for the event (if you missed it photos here and here). I’m grateful to be able to accompany our younger daughter as she found a tiny apartment […]

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