Cherry Island Swim 2023

Cherry Island Swim 2023

Yesterday morning was our annual Cherry Island Swim on Long Lake in Maine. Cherry Island is the one far off behind our heads in the photo. It is a 1/2 mile away, so the swim is a total of one mile round trip. We did it at 6:30 in the morning to take advantage of stiller waters then, but this year the water was the coldest it has ever been. I’m so grateful for all these stalwart souls that do this with me, and for the kayakers (not shown) who protect us from the motor boats.

On the way out, a bald eagle flew overhead. On the way back, a heron flew over us low and quite near, checking us out.

Afterwards were were rewarded by cinnamon buns the size of dinner plates! Below you can see mine with the first row already eaten before I realized I should photograph it.



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  1. K 9 months ago

    You are brave and hardy to make that swim!

  2. Kami Evarts 9 months ago

    Love those cinnamon rolls!

  3. Emily Kendrick 9 months ago

    Such joy!! Glad to see the Eagle and kayak this year!!

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