Rosengart Art Museum in Lucerne

Rosengart Art Museum in Lucerne

Visit to the Rosengart Art Museum

When I read the wonderful book Picasso’s War, I learned about the Rosengart family, who were one of Picasso’s dealers. Picasso was under contract with them to automatically sell them whatever he produced. What a great situation for an artist! So it was the Rosengarts (among others) who helped put Picasso on the annals of history.

The Rosengarts also represented Klee and others, and the dealers kept their favorite paintings and drawings, instead of selling all of them. Their wonderful collection is now housed in this perfect little museum in Lucerne.

Check out in this post, some of this remarkable collection.

















































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  1. Diane W 12 months ago

    Personally Polly, I think your artwork is SO MUCH BETTER than all of these except mayyybe? the couple of detailed drawings which are interesting. You should be famous Polly!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 12 months ago

      Wow, that is so kind. Can you imagine having a dealer that would buy everything you produce??

  2. Cheryl Patterson-Zaic 12 months ago

    Thank you for acquainting me with this marvelous museum. I love tagging along on your adventure. I am delighted that you and your family got to go on your dream vacation.

    I also appreciate yesterday’s post of the former hermit’s lodging high in the mountains. Incredible! It is now on my bucket list.

  3. Liz 12 months ago

    Thanks for sharing what this museum holds! These are all Picasso? If so, very interesting to see how he may have copied or was influenced by other contemporary or a bit earlier artists at some point in his art journey. Not a huge fan of Picasso, but appreciate that he dared to think outside the box! All your adventures in Switzerland were wonderful to see! You saw a lot in 2 weeks!! Thanks again! Love, Liz

    • Author
      Polly Castor 12 months ago

      No these are not all Picasso. The majority are Picasso and Paul Klee. Also some Leger, Seurat, Duffy, and Kandinsky.

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