Examples of Interesting Drawings (Sketchbook Ideas #9)

Examples of Interesting Drawings (Sketchbook Ideas #9)
Patricia Hannaway

This post is to remind you and me that a photorealistic drawing doesn’t make it interesting. Actually, I hardly ever like them. There is nothing there of the artist’s hand to respond to, so I’d rather have a great black and white photo. The most interesting realistic drawing I found was the first one below; they can be found if you look hard enough. However, I’d rather feel the subject pass through the artist, instead of having them mimicking or duplicating something.

Everything else I’ve been collecting that I really like, has more expressive mark making, either stark or smudgy, sketchy, stylized, or scribbly. They flaunt an abbreviated short hand that is an approximation of the artist’s experience or view, hopefully with a little creativity thrown in.

So as I draw, I’m NOT focused on realism, but rather on expressing feelings, freshness, immediacy, and synthesis. I think it is important to own your intention when you sit down to draw, as it is with anything.

Study the images in this post as great examples; I’ve noted the artist where I know them.

Jeanette Pasin Sloan, Pans, 2013, Graphite on Paper


Barry Coombs


Vincent Van Gogh



Pierre Bonnard


Fred Hatt



Tony Allain


Tom Fairs


Vincent van Gogh


Anders Zorn







Leah Alexandra





Fred Hatt




Paul Balmer



Sylvia Plath


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


Tara Leaver
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  1. K 1 year ago


  2. John+gregory 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing these excellently different perspectives.

  3. Sue Krevitt 1 year ago

    Truly,,,,,”All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation…”

    The God we worship is so infinitely Creative! Just look at these Ways, reflected here in
    the Art of Her Creation…these fine Artists, and you, and … me! Hey! WE ARE CREATIONS!

    So wonder-full to ponder.

    Thank you, Polly.

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