Crocus! (a Sketch and Photos from our Yard)

Crocus! (a Sketch and Photos from our Yard)
Crocus in Sketchbook (pen and ink) by Polly Castor

Happy spring!

These crocus are always so robust and so very welcome. Last week they were covered with our only snow, but since then we’ve had some days in the 50’s.

My husband’s secret for getting these to thrive so well is he doesn’t mow the grass in that area for a couple months, so the bulbs have a chance to grow and regenerate. Each clump started out as one flower, and over time they have multiplied with our love for them!

I don’t sketch “from life” much, but I tried capturing a crocus with some ink, see above. The ink felt a little rigid to me; it would have been better in pastel or gouache. The iPhone, see below, does a better job.

I hope you are joyfully greeting in the new season wherever you are.










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  1. Dilys 1 year ago

    Beautiful Polly! I love your sketch and the photos.
    Yes we are welcoming in the longer days and the daffodils everywhere in the UK.
    I’m sure there will be spring lambs in the fields when we visit our son in Yorkshire soon! It’s a heavenly time of year. X

  2. John+gregory 1 year ago


  3. Kay 1 year ago


  4. Gillian 1 year ago

    Beautiful, Polly – and prompt us to smile even more broadly and greet our neighbours with JOY!
    And the very same to you and James. x

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