Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (February 2023)

Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (February 2023)

Photos from Huntington State Park Connecticut

February here has been unseasonable and unusual weather-wise.

I got James a new snow shovel while shopping for Christmas, and he still hasn’t used it yet; we’ve had no snow cover, although a couple of flurries.

We’ve had temps swinging from 20º to 70º Fahrenheit which is crazy, with far too many days in the 50’s and 60’s. It feel sobering like global warming has come home to roost. I took this little video on one of those warm February days.

Everyone here is wondering what weather March will bring…

Anyway, here are my Huntington State Park hike photos from this month, mostly a smattering of not-very-cold ice studies.


























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  1. Dale Conway 1 year ago

    Absolutely amazing photos! Lots of opportunities for further work there. Thank you for sharing.

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