Simon Pooley (Featured Artist)

Simon Pooley (Featured Artist)

Featured artist Simon Pooley

I love being supportive of other artists whose work I appreciate. English artist Simon Pooley is new to me, but I love his abstract landscapes, born of many years by the sea. You can see some of my favorite images of his in this post, and check out his website further here.

I feel it is not only important to champion each other as artists, but to also study one another’s work– to just get immersed in it and marvel at it. I love to check out their range and vocabulary of mark making, and examine how they utilize layering. Since I’m such a strong advocate of authenticity, I don’t believe in copying, but seeing what you deeply resonate with in others’ efforts can inspire and inform your work.

Somehow I sense in Simon’s work too, a person I would like, maybe because I see the landscape often in a similar way?  Also, I admire his use of open space, which is unlike so much of my work that is busier and maximized; maybe I’m wanting to emulate more of that evocative sense of quiet. But he lives in an open space, while I am surrounded by forest, so there’s probably the difference right there.

I’m grateful for the internet, where I can visit with the breathing room in other artist’s work from my armchair, and then in turn, share it with you.























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  1. John+gregory 2 years ago

    These have a mystic charm.

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