Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (Movie Review)

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (Movie Review)

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Movie Review

We really enjoyed this new movie, which is a modern adaptation of a best-selling book (shown bottom below) from the 1950’s. We saw it in our local theater, after long hiatus during the pandemic.

The film is about a maid who dreams of having a couture gown, and saves up to go to Paris to buy one. All sorts of things happen as the story unfolds, but basically the best dream of all comes true: she comes into her own sense of personal power and no longer feels invisible.

Seeing a movie where someone’s dreams not only come true, but practical, positive change also occurs as a result, is a satisfying thing,

The cast was good, the story arc was good, and the message was good. It was very refreshing, and rated PG with no violence or sex.

We were glad to have seen it, and I give it a high four stars. You might like it too, especially if you need to be reminded not to be stuck, and to start advocating for yourself.


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