Our Youngest Home for Spring Break (Photos and Bananagrams)

Our Youngest Home for Spring Break (Photos and Bananagrams)

To call it spring break is a misnomer, for we all worked all week.

However, we got to be together for meals, and our youngest daughter and I got in a couple hikes in warmer temperatures, as well as played bananagrams after dinner. You can check out our week in the photos in this post.

Our version of bananagrams mixes two sets among two people, and our house rules are you can’t go out with any two letter words. We favor quality over speed, and enjoy ourselves trying to get better words. Check out the great words of the week: acquaintances, axiom, dungarees, zithers, equipping, sequestering, equipartition, deputy, jamboree, criticizes, qualities, imagery, titillate, vacuuming, etc.

She also made us fabulous english muffins from scratch, which took 18 hours to rise. They were so good, and we were so excited deciding what to put on them– then intent on eating them– that they disappeared without a photographic record.

In addition, she harvested the leather from the back and sides of our old green chair, and plans to make shoes out of it.

It was good to have her here, and we expect her back in early summer to help get our pottery studio put together.



















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  1. Judy 2 years ago

    Give her and Happy Duck a hugs for me! Jude

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