Where We Stayed in Mexico (Photos)

Where We Stayed in Mexico (Photos)

Photos of Vilas Vallarta

First of all let me explain that we don’t consider ourselves resort people. But when friends offered us the use of their timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, and the timing fit perfectly just before we were going to a wedding in Dallas anyway, we said yes!

I think our friends wish we’d been “more adventurous,” but the photo above captures the best of my experience there– a private cabana on a Pacific Ocean beach.  Yes, please. We spent most of our three full days in Mexico right there. (By law, during the pandemic, hotels and resorts were only allowed to operate at 50% capacity, which meant we always got a cabana when we wanted one.)

The room had a sunset view over the ocean, and we went to sleep to the sound of the waves. There were three pools, connected by a little pool waterway. There were cultivated birds of prey to keep the crows away. Every morning, as we had our breakfast, we watched them rake the sand. Mexican hawkers came by our cabana each day, trying to sell their wares. I came home with a weathered seed pod and the only two shells I found on the beach.

Unfortunately, because of our plane getting cancelled due to a snow storm, we lost two days of our itinerary, but what we got was lovely. Fortunately we passed a Covid test and were let back into the country, although delayed again because of weather on the east coast. It is clear that if we had tried to go to the wedding in Dallas from home, we would never have gotten there.

More photos from our trip to come in future blogs!










































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  1. Dilys 2 years ago

    We love Mexico! Your resort looks beautiful and I am sure it was a lovely break for you in the sunshine.

  2. jthorn5656 2 years ago

    Those pictures are perfectly beautiful.

  3. John gregory 2 years ago

    Loved the shot of your boy friend in the sun! Looks so beautiful!

  4. anne 2 years ago

    Thank you for letting me tag along on your vacation! I feel refreshed!!

  5. Meg Hanson 2 years ago

    That looks relaxing and wonderful. You deserve it!!

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