People at Creative Arts Camp 2021

People at Creative Arts Camp 2021

People at Creative Arts Camp

I love the people at Creative Arts Camp. They are intelligent, innovative, talented, open hearted, fresh, kind, faithful, principled, and fun. We have fabulous conversations once we get past the pleasantries; we swing from deep and meaningful to hilariously funny. The whole gathering feels like a family reunion, with new folks folded in all the time. I look forward all year to being in community with them, and having missed 2020, this special time was overdue!

Usually I try to get photos of everyone, but with us distancing and/or masked for Covid precautions, this was not feasible. I borrowed a photo from social media (the second below) to show participants inside; all my photos were taken outside and from a distance with a zoom.

Danis the director, in the first and last photo below, has done a beautiful job and this year was her swan song; she’s passing the responsibility off to a wonderful successor for next year.


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  1. John gregory 3 years ago

    Sweet spirits all

  2. Cheryl 3 years ago

    I love the addition of the dog.

  3. Kathleen Meyerson 3 years ago

    I believe I recognize a few faces from the old days at Newfound. Newfound is where I learned most of my crafting.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 3 years ago

      Then come to Creative Arts Camp next year!

  4. Paul Trowbridge 3 years ago

    Thanks Polly, I miss everyone, but know you all had a good time. I’ve been working too much and find it hard to get away for 8 days.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 3 years ago

      We missed you too!

  5. Sue Krevitt 3 years ago

    What a clearly wonderful beautiful fine group! Such joy and creativity!!!

    Glad for you all! This made me sign up for an Art League WC class!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the smiles. The dog’s smile, too!!!


  6. Lolly (and Brad) Murray 3 years ago

    Oh Polly…I always look forward to viewing your camp photos, especially the people! It makes my heart sing with joy, seeing all those smiling, familiar faces. Brad and I are in the Pacific NW for the summer, so unfortunately couldn’t join you all. But we’ve seen Julie twice, and thought of you all many times. Next summer we’ll be back on the East Coast, so should be there in August! Hugs to all!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 3 years ago

      Hugs right back!

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