My Painting is in the She is Rising Show at the Carriage Barn

My Painting is in the She is Rising Show at the Carriage Barn

Painting in the She is Rising Show at the Carriage Barn

I’m delighted my painting Insinuations got into the She is Rising Show at the Carriage Barn in New Canaan. It is wonderful to be in a show by, for, and about women. The opening was a nice event where each artist (shown below; I’m the masked one) shared a bit about their art.

I talked about how this piece started by me observing the surface of the water on my walks, and how many feminine forms could be found in their undulations. Then I thought about the similarities between water and women: often taken for granted and under appreciated, actually both hold so much unspoken power, because the human race needs both for its survival. That power, so present but so under represented, is what this painting in about.

Below you can see some of the other paintings in the show. It is a marvelous space to exhibit. If you are local, you may want to stop by.



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  1. Sue Krevitt 1 year ago


    Our Higher Consciousness, Truth, comes forth…
    up and out of mankind’s dream of atomic dust …
    equally expressed in feminine-love-and-masculine-wisdom. Inevitable.

  2. John gregory 1 year ago

    I am woman hear me roar! Helen would be proud…so am I❤️

  3. Meg Hanson 1 year ago


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