Nice Mother’s Day Outing at Terrain (photos)

Nice Mother’s Day Outing at Terrain (photos)

Photos of a visit to Terrain

For Mother’s Day, a local fellow blog reader of yours scored us reservations at Terrain in Westport, which is a nursery and home goods store, with a cafe out on the patio.

First we attended church (masked and socially distanced), where we brought a huge bouquet of lilacs from our yard (shown first below; they were pictured on the bush in yesterday’s blog; and I made the vase just for lilacs, for they can be awkward to arrange without some engineering). After the service, I stood outside on the front step handing out the blooms to women in the congregation as they left.

Then we headed to Terrain in Westport, where we had never been before. You can see what I ate in the second photo below, decadent I know; it is Fried Avocado Benedict. I opened my wonderful cards from our daughters (shown third below), and then we wandered around the place, meandering, and taking the rest of these photos. It was fun to see all the flowers, colors, and textures. It was also great to get out to see somewhere we’d not yet been. Plus, it is just a cool place (although expensive).

Enjoy my photos here of a lovely time with my sweetheart. (We tried to take a decent selfie together but failed!) I trust you all had a nice day as well.


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  1. Sue Krevitt 3 years ago

    In all you do, Polly, it seems to me that
    you focus on “the beautiful, the good, and the true.”
    (From somewhere in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, as you will recognize)

    How wise ! How loving! How inspiring! How giving!

    And, obviously, a very good approach to life.

    Thank you, as ever.


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