Nothing to See Here (Book Review)

Nothing to See Here (Book Review)

Nothing to See Here Book Review

I’m not going to rave about this book, but if you need a silly, easy read about problems you don’t have (or maybe by extrapolation ones that you do have), this diverting story might be just what you need, as long as you refrain from expecting too much.

This quick read was assigned by one of my book groups for a change from the more serious stuff we read.  Although we didn’t have much to say about it, we did love the children and wanted to know what happened.  Not deeply invested, we found it enjoyable. Plus, it ended well.

Nothing to See Here  has some one-dimensional stereotypes, some foul language, some female basketball players, and a politician that gets exposed while trying to cover stuff up. So, while I usually don’t blog about three star books, this short, undemanding novel might be the just ticket to lighten things up for you for a bit during this crazy year.

What is it about after all?  Taking care of kids who are prone to self-combust!

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  1. John gregory 3 years ago

    Sometimes my brain craves mind candy….

  2. MS NANCY LOBALBO 3 years ago

    Nice review Polly! As we discussed, Moby Dick it wasn’t….but it was definitely diverting and during this Season of Covid, that might be just what we need!

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