Learn to Paint Podcast (with Art by Those Interviewed)

Learn to Paint Podcast (with Art by Those Interviewed)

How to Paint Podcast

I’ve enjoyed listening to the Learn to Paint Podcast since its very beginning. It occurs to me you may enjoy it too.

There are a variety of artists interviewed in a range of mediums and styles. Especially in these months when I’m not seeing my artist friends so much, these podcast conversations are welcome. (I usually listen to them when I’m chopping vegetables.)

Usually I have already heard before much that is said, but sometimes I get snippets of ideas. Often someone’s approach is nowhere close to my own, and I reflect on how differently I would have answered that question. But I’m struck with the genuineness, humanity, curiosity, and outlook of artists, as they evolve and find their way. Seeing that there are as many paths as people is also reassuring.

In this post, you can see art by some of the more recent guests. After listening, you feel like you know them a bit, and several I’ve started following on Instagram, so the virtual relationship continues.

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How to Paint Podcast

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