Parable of the Garlic and the Compost Pile

Parable of the Garlic and the Compost Pile

Parable of the garlic, parable of the compost pile

My husband shared this recently on Facebook with the above photo:

“Where you plant yourself, your ideas, your faith, makes a big difference.

Guess which garlic was planted in pure compost and which in regular soil.

What is compost but the scraps and trimmings that are useless of themselves, but when decomposed, become rich with nutrients?

So it is when we take the failures and ugly moments of our lives and set them aside to “decompose.” The hurtful parts dissolve, and what is left nourishes us with the experiences and lessons learned.

Don’t pretend bad things didn’t happen. Put them in your “spiritual compost pile.” After you get some distance from them, you will return to find wisdom that will nurture future choices and relationships.”

(What seems like a waste, handled with care, can eventually be a blessing. See my other photos below.)


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  1. John gregory 4 years ago

    Garlic is the spice of life….

  2. Nanri 4 years ago

    Life giving parable, simple and true 🙏🏼thank you

  3. Marianne Lawrence 4 years ago

    Thanks for this timely parable. Stepping out on Faith!

  4. Deborah 4 years ago

    Love it…thank you

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