Photos from my Hike In Sedona (Six Miles in 110º Heat)

Photos from my Hike In Sedona (Six Miles in 110º Heat)

Photos from my Hike In Sedona (Six Miles in 100ºF Heat)

On the way back from Sacramento last month, I prolonged a layover (for no extra cost) in Tucson to see friends. They loaned me their car for a solo trip to Sedona, where I had always wanted to visit. It was scorching hot, and I’ll admit June is not the ideal time to visit this place.

The highlight of my visit to Sedona was this canyon hike along a trickling stream, often crossing it from rock to teetering rock. (Yay for me; I never fell in.)  It was six miles in 110º heat, and alone, I took it slowly, with plenty of water, appreciating every second it it. It was such a treat that I continue to be grateful for. As you can see in this post there was plenty of beauty to photograph! Also fun on this hike was the remains of a homesteader’s small house complete with a cold cellar behind in a cave in the rock.

So I hope, through these photographs, you enjoy meandering this trail with me, reveling in all this natural beauty. I’d like to paint some of this someday!


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  1. Anita Hechtman 6 years ago

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Deborah 6 years ago

    Beautiful pics….yes I can just see you painting some of them, in fact one or two look like a painting of yours. I hope you had lots of shade along the way. Im always amazed at the temperature difference once you get under shady trees or rocks. Well done Polly. Was it 6 miles one way? You sure racked up the fit bit steps that day.

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