Photos from a Lovely Day at Yale in New Haven

Photos from a Lovely Day at Yale in New Haven

Photos from a Lovely Day in New Haven

Last Thursday, I met friend and fellow blog reader Anne in New Haven for lunch, and an amble around the Yale Art Museum. We did this mostly because it was a halfway point between us, and a good way for me to get a painting of mine that she had picked up for me from a show we were both in. Besides I wanted to hear about her trip to Italy!

It was fun to see her and eat at Claire’s Corner Copia (a vegetarian restaurant owned and operated since 1975). I have previously blogged about the Yale Art Museum before here, so you’ll notice that in these more recent photos I focused more on details of the day as little compositions in themselves…

IMG_9773  IMG_9747  IMG_9749  IMG_9752  IMG_9754  IMG_9759 IMG_9762
IMG_9765  IMG_9770  IMG_9772 (1)  IMG_9774  IMG_9791  IMG_9797  IMG_9805  IMG_9801  IMG_9803  IMG_9806 (1)  IMG_9793  IMG_9807  IMG_9815  IMG_9816

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