Photos of our Farmer’s Market

Photos of our Farmer’s Market

Photos of our Farmer's Market

I love our local farmer’s market! Beautiful people, gorgeous produce– what a great thing to do on Saturday morning! Plus, I really believe in eating as local and organic as possible. We have so much variety to choose from, and it is all as fresh as possible. It’s such a pleasure to support these farmers, as they in turn support us. And I love running into friends here, because it is such a healthy, joyous atmosphere.

I’m an so grateful for our farmer’s market. Don’t miss out on this wonderful life enhancement, both for culinary bliss, and community involvement. I hope you frequent your local farmer’s market too!

Check out the photos in this post to get a small sampling of what I’m talking about. Purple Cauliflower anyone? How about those luscious mashed potato squash that look like a white acorn squash and taste so fabulous, but I have never seen anywhere else? And these radishes and carrots are so much better than store bought!

IMG_4723  IMG_4755  IMG_4735  IMG_4741  IMG_4728  IMG_4730  IMG_2870  IMG_4711  IMG_4704  IMG_2916 (1)  IMG_2902 (1)  IMG_4714  IMG_4724  IMG_2927  IMG_2943 (1)  IMG_2883 (1)  IMG_2935  IMG_4715  IMG_4260  IMG_2928  IMG_2907 (1)  IMG_4765  IMG_2908 (1)  IMG_2880 (1)  IMG_4258  IMG_4754  IMG_4758  IMG_4720  IMG_4703  IMG_4718  IMG_2875  IMG_4248  IMG_3506  IMG_4251  IMG_2904 (1)  IMG_4767  IMG_4736  IMG_2925  IMG_2903 (1)  IMG_3498  IMG_4731  IMG_3489  IMG_4727  IMG_4729  IMG_4705  IMG_2924  IMG_4247  IMG_4246  IMG_4721  IMG_4722  IMG_2923  IMG_3508  IMG_3497  IMG_3490  IMG_2934  IMG_4726  IMG_4252  IMG_3501  IMG_3486  IMG_4249  IMG_4255  IMG_4256  IMG_3487  IMG_4250

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