The Winning Team (a new poem by Polly Castor)

The Winning Team (a new poem by Polly Castor)

The Winning Team poem by Polly Castor

The Winning Team

I’m in the end zone rooting for the winning team.
I encourage and beckon those on the field
to come our direction and touchdown in our favor.
Our team is the reflection of the divine Mind.

In the far, far, distant
other end zone
are the suggestively seductive,
deviously raucous cheerleaders
for the opposing team of mortal mind.
They try to lure participants down that way
with debauched magnetism, mesmerism,
falsity, decoys, evils, distractions, fears,
disease, and error.

The further from mortal mind’s insinuations
and the closer to the Divine Mind’s perfect reflection
the more victory, truth, peace, healing and joy will be had.
Staying close to this is bliss, beauty, and beneficence.

So why the struggle? Why even play?
Why would anyone ever run the other way?

Fortunately, the game is rigged.
Upset, mortal mind gets no points.
Attraction to the luminous light
of the one real consciousness
is built in and guaranteed, vanquishing
every opposing incendiary snare.
Thankfully, we are all actually
safely on the side of good,

Join me here and cheer
for the winning team.

Polly Castor

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  1. Deborah 7 years ago

    Very clever Polly….awesome poem!

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