Reading Challenge for 2017

Reading Challenge for 2017

Reading Challenge for 2017

Please join me for this year’s reading challenge!

I hope you like the new list. I think it is easier than last year’s and more open ended. Thank you for all your input on what this list should look like. Note that I have no intention of doing this list in order, so you need not feel like you need to either. You can click the print button below to print it out.

Also, I encourage you to share this list with others! Let’s get collectively involved, both reading and sharing what we think about what we read.

I’ll post some updates seasonally on how I’m coming along with this goal, and would love to hear from you in the comments anytime!

52 Week Reading Challenge for 2017

An easy book
A difficult book
A short book
A long book
An educational book
A recreational book
A cheerful book
A helpful book
A beautiful book
A lighthearted book
An important book
An interesting book
An old book
A memoir
A mystery
A saga
An art book
A poetry book
A cookbook
A spiritual book
A beach read
A coffee table book
An explanatory book
An optimistic book
A book that makes you better
A book of historical fiction set in America
A book of historical fiction not set in America
A book about making a difference
A book about nature
A book about falling in love
A book about food, farming, or the environment
A book about something you know nothing about
A book on a subject you know a lot about
A novel printed in 2017
A non-fiction book printed in 2017
A book printed in 2016
A book from the public library
A book from an independent bookstore
A book of fiction you own but have never read
A book of non-fiction you own but have never read
A book by an author you’ve read before
A book by an author you have never read before
A book recommended to you by a friend
A book set in a third world culture
A book set somewhere you have been
A book where Christianity or Judaism plays a major part
A book where Buddhism or Hinduism plays a major part
A book where Islam plays a major part
A book where poverty plays a major part
A book where affluence plays a major part
A book about redemption, freedom, or transformation
A book you are so glad you read

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  1. Kami 7 years ago

    Speaking of a book I’m so glad I read, I just finished “A Man Called Ove,” (the audiobook, where the name was pronounced “ooveh”). I really enjoyed it!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 7 years ago

      I’ll add it to my list! Thanks.

  2. Christine 7 years ago

    My neighbor friends loved that book too.


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