The Difference Between Self-care and Selfishness

The Difference Between Self-care and Selfishness

“What’s the difference between self-care and selfishness?

Doing something that benefits you alone is selfish. Doing something that enables you to give more to those around you is self-care. (Only you know the difference.)

Putting yourself before everyone else no matter what is selfish. Making sure you aren’t automatically putting everyone else’s needs above your own is self-care.

Being inconsiderate in the name of self-care is selfish. Thinking about others while you pay yourself first is self-care.

Doing something in the name of self-care that leaves you emptier, more stressed, or unhappier than when you started is selfish. Doing something that leaves you energized, calmer, or happier is self-care.”

by Melissa Hartwig

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