Renaissance in Pastels Show 2016

Renaissance in Pastels Show 2016

Renaissance in Pastel

It was great to see this wonderful Renaissance in Pastel show at the Slater Museum in Norwich, Connecticut. The venue was perfect– a large white walled space with natural light coming from enormous skylights above. What a privilege it was to be there and be the photographer for this event! The caliber of the art is excellent, as you can see in these photos, shown here to wet your appetite, and there are many more terrific ones not squeezed into this post. This  show is up until November 12th, so stop by and see it if you can. And kudos to all the artists and organizers!

img_2611  img_2739  img_2763  img_2625  img_2768  img_2774  img_2775  img_2647  img_2624  img_2776  img_2641  img_2623  img_2622  img_2773    img_2633  img_2572 img_2772  img_2756  img_2632  img_2621  img_2769  img_2735  img_2628  img_2771  img_2752  img_2630  img_2619  img_2606  img_2603  img_2601  img_2600  img_2597  img_2596  img_2592  img_2590  img_2589  img_2588  img_2587  img_2586  img_2584  img_2615

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  1. Mary Jo Beebe 8 years ago

    Stunning art, beautifully photographed. You’ve given us a lovely gift today–the experience of seeing and feeling with these exceptional artists! Thank you, Polly.

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