Other Maine Photos 2016

Other Maine Photos 2016


From July through September found me in Maine four times, and hence the many blog posts from there recently. In this post are lots of my various and sundry photos from those trips to Maine that are not otherwise attached to some blog topic either previously or in the future. 

The photos in this post were taken mostly on Mount Desert Island and Deer Isle, but a few are from “downeast” Maine and Portland. And that is blog reader Melody in that snazzy red car!  

I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photographs as summer pivots now ever more decisively toward fall… 

img_6814  img_6757  img_7096  img_5549      img_7146  img_1419  img_7238  img_5552  img_7160   img_6578  img_7207   img_5869  img_5555  img_5654  img_6824  img_5723   img_6729  img_5741-1  img_6730  img_6480  img_1408   img_6736   img_5872  img_5649   img_6576    img_5770  img_6458    img_6598  img_6751  img_6838    img_6821  img_6689  img_6741  img_5870  img_6712  img_6604  img_6626  img_6603  img_1411  img_6850    img_6554  img_1420  img_6792   img_6725  img_6767   img_6761  img_6788  img_6799    img_6844   img_1392  img_6816  img_1393  img_6321

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