I Love These Homeschoolers

I Love These Homeschoolers


Yesterday I went to a lovely graduation of a homeschooling friend.

Our youngest daughter met their oldest daughter at a young age in a swimming class at the YMCA. When her mom asked where our daughter went to school, she was astonished at our answer that she was homeschooled. After many questions, and with much trepidation and hesitation, she too took the plunge and started homeschooling her four daughters (shown above).

Now all these years later her oldest daughter has just graduated from homeschooling through high school, and is headed off to college in the fall. Her daughter expressed ardent gratitude for her positive experience.

I am so grateful too! It is very pleasant to have influenced others well, and have them so happy you did. Homeschooling can be such a huge blessing, and it is wonderful to share the experience, expanding the good it can bring. 

You’ll find lots of dear ones in the homeschooling community at large, and you can see some from mine here. It was nice to see them again after being out of the scene for the past year.

If you are new to homeschooling and have questions, feel free to contact me. Also check out my homeschooling links page. I have supported many through the process from bewilderment to success, and it is such a joy to do.

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