Flowers in Our Yard

Flowers in Our Yard


Our garden is glorious this time of year. My husband has a festival of flowers going on here. You’ll find poppies, peonies, irises, columbine, azalea, and baptista all vying for attention. Just beautiful!

IMG_4039  IMG_4004  IMG_4028  IMG_3184  IMG_4692  IMG_3206  IMG_3993  IMG_3205  IMG_4027  IMG_4034  IMG_4688  IMG_4026  IMG_3991  IMG_3202  IMG_4691  IMG_3990  IMG_3200  IMG_4024  IMG_4033  IMG_3192  IMG_4672  IMG_4020  IMG_4007  IMG_4031  IMG_4017  IMG_4747  IMG_3191  IMG_3136  IMG_4030  IMG_3209  IMG_3186  IMG_3132  IMG_3131  IMG_4009

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  1. Lorna 8 years ago

    Beautiful , so want to visit your garden
    What a riot of colour. Thanks for sharing. ?

  2. Shireen 8 years ago

    Stunning! Haven’t seen such variety in one garden!! Thanks for sharing the beauty.

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